15810 County Road 95, Woodland, CA 95695
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Muller Ranch is a third generation family farm started in 1967 by Joe Muller Sr., a Swiss immigrant who traded his dairy in the Santa Clara Valley for some prime Yolo County farmland, raising cereal grains and alfalfa.

As his sons Louie, Frank and Tom finished their college careers, they migrated back to the ranch to begin their professional careers.  Over the years, they have changed their cropping patterns to include tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, wine grapes, garlic, onions and sunflowers among many others, with the latest crop being almonds and walnuts.

Agricultural sustainability is a major focus of these 3 brothers.  Diverse cropping patterns, minimum tillage, organic production, emphasis on drip irrigation for water conservation, heavy use of cover crops, compost for fertilizer alternatives, and environmental restoration and natural habitat enhancement make Muller Ranch a model for 21st century California farming.

The 3rd generation, Frank and Tom’s sons, Colin C and Colin T have joined the ranch in 2013 with lots of new ideas, like beekeeping and fresh market vegetable production.  Their knowledge of technology and information systems has already brought a new level of sophistication to the business.